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How Can Help Me?

During the time of a Jewish death, the logistics of funeral and Shiva information can be overwhelming. Save time explaining and re-explaining funeral & Shiva logistics by uploading information to a central source - Changes can be communicated instantly in real time, allowing for easier coordination and simpler communication. You may post as much or as little as you like to accommodate your crucial and time-sensitive information. Here's a sample of information you can upload:

  • Name, date, and location of the deceased
  • Synagogue affiliation(s) of the deceased
  • Names of relatives who are mourning (which will allow users to find people sitting Shiva, even if the user does not know the name of the deceased)
  • Contact information of key person assisting the family with arrangements
  • Funeral information, such as location, address, and time of services
  • Where and when the family is sitting Shiva
  • Phone number to reach those sitting Shiva, in the event a visitor can not physically make a Shiva visit
  • Times during which the family requests no visitors
  • Davening times at the Shiva home
  • Contact information of key person coordinating meals for the family
  • Meal availability for both lunch and dinner
  • Obituary
  • Place(s) to which the family would like donations sent to, i.e., shul, tzedakah/charity, or other organization(s), including links to donate via credit card for organizations that have credit card acceptance capabilities
  • Text of eulogies for people who are unable to attend the funeral
  • Other related and important information
  • Resources to assist family and friends


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